KINETIC Sculpt® (KS®), created by Erwin R. Gonzalez, is a holistic training method designed to improve daily human performance through time-efficient training, movement performance,with an emphasis on injury prevention. Our mission is to consciously upgrade lives.

KS® succeeds best with those interested in changing the way they think about their bodies and reinventing their exercise methods. Be. Move. then Do.

For PERSONAL TRAINING, we design around your goals. Erwin has worked with men, women, seniors, competitive athletes, weekend warriors, and expectant mothers from first trimester to post-pregnancy recovery.

KINETIC Sculpt® MOVE is our SMALL GROUP TRAINING solution for individuals who wish to be free of the limitations of the gym, wish to work in green spaces and want to raise their game.

For GROUP FITNESS, there are a variety of classes to address Strength, Movement, Mobility, Flexibility, Mind-set, and Cardiovascular training for ALL AGES and fitness levels. We also target the muscle groups and underworked energy systems recreational athletes neglect. It is a complete training paradigm.

You get the body you deserve. Train for life. Exercise Consciously.